Keen-wik on the Bay is a waterfront community located on the shores of Roy Creek and the Assawoman Bay, off Route 54 just West of Fenwick Island, Delaware.  This website provides information about our development and the surrounding area for our residents, other members of the community, and anyone else interested in this quiet oasis on the eastern edge of the Land of Pleasant Living.


Keen Notes - we are looking for suggestions/submission for articles & ideas for changes to the Keen Notes.

Please contact Maureen Griffith - terrymogriffith@msn.com / 301 602 5039

A.          SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT: Dont forget the Annual meeting at Roxana Saturday the 9th. "coffee at nine"

The State of Delaware has adopted a door-to-door solicitation ordinance.  For information, click here.        

C.        DOGS.
  Residents are reminded that it is against the law in Delaware to allow a dog to run at large.  If you have a complaint, call the SPCA at (302) 698-3006 or toll-free at (888) 352-7722.

D.        KEEN-WIK HISTORY (Updated 12/11):
  With assistance from several long-time residents, the Board is putting together a history of the Keen-wik community that we hope to publish and make available to members of the Association.  If you have any old photographs that you would be willing to share or anything else that might be of interest, please contact Paul Lebling at 302-436-4549 or Maureen Griffith at 301-580-5969.

E.        HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE (Updated 07/11):
  The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has a grading system for assessing the risk of loss that uses a scale from 1 to 10.  Because of the installation of fire hydrants in our area several years ago, this area has improved from a level 9 to a level 5, which may allow homeowners to receive lower insurance rates.  For more information, contact the Roxana Fire Company at (302) 436-2300 (Todd Marvel, President, or Andy Johnson, Fire Chief), or call your insurance company.

F.        DUES NOTICES (Updated 02/15):  2015 Dues notices are available here.

G.        WAIVER OF RIGHT TO APPROVE (Updated 09/11):
  The Association has filed a waiver with respect to the option to purchase and right to approve sales contained in the original Keen-wik covenants.  (Click here.)

H.        REMINDER:
  All new buildings, houses and other structures, and additions or changes thereto, must comply with the Keen-wik deed covenants, and all plans for such structures must be submitted to, and approved by, the Building Committee before starting construction.

.      PROPERTY MAINTENANCE (07/13): The Sussex County Council has adopted an ordinance on lot maintenance that fixes a section of county code that was inadvertently made ineffective.  An ordinance on property maintenance has been put back together by the Sussex County Council after it was re-arranged some time ago - moving the penalties to another section of code - rendering the property maintenance section an ordinance with no teeth.  When the ordinance was updated several years ago - it was left without penalties for violators.  The updated ordinance is geared towards both residential and commercial properties in unincorporated parts of the county, but not properties that are in agricultural use.  The penalties include a minimum fine of $250 for violators who refuse to comply - repeat violators could see fines up to $2500.  The ordinance also allows for the County to cut the unkempt properties and bill the owner.  Enforcement is based on a complaint-driven process.



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